07 Jul 2019

Iowa International Center recognizes Sehgal Foundation support to immigrants and inspires global community


SF recognition by IIC

When Suri and Edda Sehgal first moved to Des Moines, Iowa, in 1962, they set a welcoming tone that continued for the next twenty-four years: They opened their home to immigrants and foreign visitors. The Sehgal Foundation team in Des Moines continues this important welcoming tradition.

For nearly a decade, the partnership has promoted peace and prosperity around the world through an international exchange program that has brought hundreds of emerging leaders to Iowa—from Argentina to India to Zimbabwe. Since the partnership began 1,540 visitors and delegates have visited Iowa, 21,150 hours have been donated by volunteers helping to host, guide, and educate; and 16,270 meetings and engagements with Iowa corporate and civic leaders have taken place. Lasting connections between Iowans and their global visitors change lives with friendships and collaborations between countries in areas of education, business, youth leadership, and international relations.