Who We Are

About Us

  • Twenty years of working together with rural communities

  • Reflections on the beginning years

  • 15 years of working with rural communities

  • Sehgal Foundation: An Introduction


  • Citizen participation in governance

  • Good Rural Governance

  • Community Radio

  • Agricultural Development

  • Water Management


  • Udyami Krishak: An enterprising farmer

  • Towards Food Security: E module for wheat cultivation

  • Gram Utthan: Empowering Farmers to Develop Villages

  • Model village-Kota, Nuh, Haryana

  • Gram Uday: Providing improved access to government benefits

  • Digital Literacy: Building hopes for a brighter future

  • Project Parivartan: Towards Integrated Village Development

  • Transform Lives one school at a time

  • Site for Smiles: Transforming lives of rural schoolchildren

  • Gram Uday: Strengthening Community-Led Development in Mewat

  • Water Alchemy: Extending the benefits of monsoon

  • Postcards from Nuh and Alwar

  • Kisan Goshthi: Speech by Chief Guest, Sh. Radhamohan Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture

  • Save the Drop

  • Return of the Small Farmers

  • Digital Literacy and Life Skills Education

  • Overview: Life Skills Education

  • Capacity Building of Panchayats (Village Councils)

  • Krishi Jyoti: Increasing rural prosperity

  • Krishi Chetna: Sowing Seeds of Change

Innovative models

  • Legal Literacy Camps: A Collaborative Model of NGO and District Legal Services Authorities

  • JalKalp Biosand Filter: Components

  • JalKalp Biosand Filter: Maintenance (swirl and dump)

  • JalKalp Biosand Filter: How it Works

  • JalKalp Biosand Filter: Where to Place

  • JalKalp Biosand Filter: Ensuring safe drinking water

  • Solving Water Scarcity in Saline Water Areas

  • Rainwater Harvesting for saline groundwater areas

Green Building

  • Net Zero Energy Buildings

  • Green Building