Adaptive Technologies – Water

Focusing on innovation for sustainable development, Adaptive Technologies team at the foundation develops, acquires or adapts, experiments, and demonstrates appropriate technologies suitable for implementation to solve water problems.

The adaptive technologies team has designed, tested, and replicated technologies suitable for rural development, including the innovative model of creating freshwater pockets i saline aquifers and stainless steel biosand filter, a cost-effective and proven water-purification method that eliminates biological contaminants and other impurities.

Click here to read more about the Jalkalp Water Filter



We work to:

  • Explore and develop partnerships with other institutions to:
    • Access, adapt or develop appropriate technologies for adoption,
    • Expand beneficiary base through providing technical support based on the knowledge developed by Foundation to other organizations.
  • Assess technological needs of different geographical areas.
  • Advocate with other stakeholders in rural development, policymakers and implementers for replication and adoption of the developed technologies.
  • Publish and promote these technologies across platforms to reach out to large scale audience.