Sehgal Foundation established community radio Alfaz-e-Mewat (“Rural Voices of Mewat”) FM 107.8 to provide a media platform for local community voices in Mewat district, Haryana. Since the most essential participants in grassroots development work are local voices, the station broadcasts in the local language in an accessible format, so that listeners can learn about, discuss, and debate important local issues, such as government policies, programs, services, entitlements, agriculture information, and water conservation initiatives.

By championing the voices of the most isolated and vulnerable populations, community radio raises citizen awareness and empowers individuals to participate in their own development.

“I don’t know how to express what I feel. Like men, I also have opinions, but they hardly take the shape of words. I felt skeptical about the community women broadcasters’ training conducted by Sehgal Foundation. But after attending the sessions, I feel that I can talk about issues that matter to me.” ~Bhagwan Devi, Bhadas village, Mewat.

Villagers, schoolchildren, and local artists take active part in the radio programs. Dozens of community members in Mewat have completed the station’s six-month training course, learning how to operate equipment, produce programs, and manage the station as technicians, producers, and facilitators. The station’s community-based management team has equal representation of women.

Programming is designed to encourage female engagement, promote gender equality, and empower women. Of the thousands of calls the station has received from listeners, nearly 20% have been from women. That number is growing!




Making the difference

  • Calls received by the station demonstrate that listeners are more aware of entitlements and good practices in water conservation, sanitation, health, education, and agriculture.
  • Villagers are in touch with the needs, aspirations, and views of their neighbors and nearby communities.
  • Listeners can access selected program content toll free by cellphone.
  • Awareness campaigns and programs produced at Alfaz-e-Mewat are shared with other community radio stations.

*Data figures till March 2019.