Sehgal Foundation invites interns to join us in the cause of rural development by sharing their skills and experience for empowering people in rural areas.

The internship program at S M Sehgal Foundation is designed to provide hands-on experience to students of the real challenges faced in various facets of rural development. Interns obtain experience in their field of study and acquire skills, which are helpful in their professional life.

Note for US Interns

Agriculture Development


Studying about various agriculture interventions and identifying factors for regenerative agriculture.

Water Management


Understanding water augmentation techniques and watershed interventions.

Local Participation and Sustainability

Local Participation
and Sustainability

Understanding effective tools for community participation.

Partnerships and Fundraising

Partnerships and

Compilation of leading potential donors aligning with Sehgal Foundation's programs.

Rural Research and Development

Rural Research
and Development

Studying the effects and impact of SMSF’s interventions in rural areas.

Outreach for Development

Outreach for

Studying various marketing and outreach strategies for maximum engagement.

Internship Policy for Students

We encourage students/interns pursuing a project for a Bachelor, Master or higher degree from diverse backgrounds

Internship Policy for Students

To apply or for further details write to internship@smsfoundation.org

Read What Our Interns Have to Say

Nicole Gulati

"I had a fruitful experience here at S M Sehgal Foundation; I learnt a lot about the local culture in India, interacted with women, and connected with people. That is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I was able to get through this organisation, which I'm incredibly grateful for."

—Nicole Gulati
Rising Junior at Washington University, St. Louis
Project: Gauging the impact of a nutritional intervention on the empowerment journey of women

Sushmi Majumder

"I want to thank the foundation so much for all the support that they provided me during my stay here and one advice for the future interns - don't be scared, come with an open mind, you're here to learn and grow, and I'll always be grateful to the foundation for this opportunity."

—Sushmi Majumder
Cornell University
Project: Planning to help with citizen participation/women empowerment.

Priyasha Chakravarti

"I learnt a lot about NGO fundraising in India and was able to organise and implement strategies around donor outreach and engagement. I'm grateful for the support I received from everyone in the foundation."

—Priyasha Chakravarti
Rising junior at Georgetown University, studying Government & Journalism
Project: HNI fundraising and philanthropic giving in India

Anagha Chakravarti

"My favourite part here at S M Sehgal Foundation was to learn about the behind-the-scenes operations of a rural development non-profit from the communications perspective. I am really grateful for the opportunity and my time here."

—Anagha Chakravarti
Rising third-year student at Georgetown University
Project: Design script and comic to celebrate Sehgal Foundation's 25th Anniversary

Saumya Balaji

"I would like to thank S M Sehgal Foundation for hosting me over the summer, my mentor for guiding me, and my fellow interns for being great support systems and now lifelong friends."

—Saumya Balaji
Rising sophomore at Iowa State University
Project: Socioeconomic impact of a water conservation intervention in the Meghot Halla village of Haryana

Alexander Angeles

"I recently came to India to work with S M Sehgal Foundation and gain more hands-on experience in the development sector. This is an opportunity that I think everyone should explore once in their lifespan."

—Alexander Angeles
Rising Junior in Environment Ecological Engineering at Purdue University
Project: Winterim Program, to study water quality in rural India.

John Roberti

"I have a special interest in hydrology and was super interested in exploring more about other cultures. I have never been to Asia; however, working with S M Sehgal Foundation has been inspiring. Water is said to be the giver of life, and a foundation that works with the communities on the grassroots level is inspiring. It has been a great pleasure to know everybody here."

—John Roberti
Senior in Construction Engineering Management at Purdue University
Project: Winterim Program, Measuring parameters and study water crisis in rural India.

Cullen McDermott

"When I heard about the trip to India and S M Sehgal Foundation, I jumped right in. I was vaguely aware of the foundation’s work. One of the things I appreciated about working with the Foundation was the underground water recharge structures they built; I was very excited to study and understand the process."

—Cullen McDermott
3rd Year Environmental Engineering student at the University of IOWA
Project: Winterim Program Conducted water quality testing in Indian villages with local communities.

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