College students promote stainless steel biosand filter for safe drinking water

Access to clean drinking water is one of the biggest challenges to ensuring a healthy community. Consuming contaminated or unclean water can be fatal. The biosand filter, based on the filtration of water through layers of sand, is a low-cost water treatment solution to this problem.

Youth for safe drinking water

Enactus, founded in 1975 in the US, is an international organization that brings together students with academic and business leaders to create a better, more sustainable world through entrepreneurial-based projects. Enactus Worldwide operates in 36 countries, working with these leaders to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities while developing their skills to become socially responsible business leaders.

Participating Enactus India student groups from Delhi University joined hands with Sehgal Foundation to address drinking water issues in communities by promoting an innovative stainless steel biosand filter. Enactus student teams from Ramjas College and St. Stephens College enthusiastically conducted sensitization and awareness-building sessions about the need for safe drinking water treatment in Jahangirpuri, Faridabad, and Dwarka slum areas in Delhi. Sessions included group discussions with women in the community to identify people who are interested in using the filter, and a door-to-door outreach program with those interested. Subsequent to the students’ efforts, two pilot installations and demonstration sessions of the biosand filter were held.

Ramjas college students benefit households in Jahangirpuri

Happy with the biosand filter installed in her home, Mrs. Pallavi Sharma, a resident of Rajeev Nagar, Jahangirpuri, and an active member of the entrepreneurship program by the Enactus team at Ramjas College, commented on her experience of dealing with poor water quality, saying, “On an average, we spend about Rs. 20 a day to buy drinking water for our family of three and are never sure about the quality of purchased water. The biosand filter is not only a safe treatment option, but will also help us save this recurring cost.”

St. Stephens’ college students reach out to industrial workers

Accompanied by St. Stephens College students, Mr. Lalit Mohan Sharma, director, Adaptive Technologies at Sehgal Foundation and the developer of the stainless steel filter, conducted installation training at the industrial campus of Super Seal, a manufacturer of automotive oil seals in Faridabad. Sharma briefed the 60-70 participants on the causes of water contamination and the resulting health issues. He then demonstrated the key features and operational mechanism of the stainless steel biosand filter. The industrial workers showed a keen interest in the technical specifications of the filter.

With the support from the energetic team of students, Sehgal Foundation plans to reach out to a large number of potential end users of the stainless steel biosand filter.

Sehgal Foundation is committed to promoting the stainless steel biosand filter through partnerships with like-minded organizations to benefit communities across India.

To view a short video on the biosand filter model, please visit http://bit.ly/1L1rwXn