A Little More Income

Ghanshyam Sharma is 22 years has been working with his brother Amar Chand in Firozpur Zhirka, India at a welding shop for the past 4-5 years. The both earn Rs.3000 per month. In February, the team from Sehgal Foundation’s Income Enhancement program conducted a training program for youth. ¬†They encouraged them to join RUDSET (an institute for vocational training) and use their services to set up an enterprise. Sharma and Amar Chand were among the few candidates that decided to attend the 15 days training in fabrication and welding.

As part of the training, Sharma prepared a project proposal under the guidance of RUDSET and submitted it to the local Syndicate bank for a loan of Rs.50,000. The Project Implementation Team from the Sehgal Foundation followed-up with the bank manager several times for sanctioning of the loan amount to Sharma. After about eight months the bank has sanctioned Rs.25,000. Now, Sharma and Amar Chand are the proud owners of the ‘Sharma Welding Workshop’, and are now each earning Rs.6,000 per month on an average. They plan to carefully save their income and to pay back the loan in the next one-year.

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