Dividends of community contribution

Check Dam increases groundwater levels

To augment groundwater levels in village Rawli, Mewat district, Haryana, the Sehgal Foundation team worked with the community to construct a check dam in 2013, funded by the Government and People of Japan (The Embassy of Japan in India). The groundwater level had been on a constant decline due to over-exploitation and low recharge. Fifty-five-year-old Abdul Hui was one of many villagers who contributed Rs. 500 for the check dam construction that was completed this year. Abdul is again irrigating his fields using the bore well and is glad to see a resulting increase in crop productivity. He said, “With the groundwater levels going down, my bore well had gone dry. But the early rains this year filled the check dam, and my bore well had water for the first time in two years.”

Full marks to immunization

Community members in Rawli supported the health department and Sehgal Foundation team in conducting immunization drives under Mission Indradhanush. The mission was launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on December 25, 2014, with the aim of providing immunization to all children across India by the year 2020 against seven vaccine preventable diseases, namely diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, childhood tuberculosis, polio, hepatitis B, and measles.

The Sehgal Foundation team facilitated the government campaign in 100 villages across Mewat. Members of mahila sangathans (women’s collectives) went door to door, talking to parents about the benefits of immunization, and actively followed up with parents whose children had dropped out of the immunization cycle. Some mothers were worried about the temporary fever and unease caused by vaccinations. The sangathan members explained that immunization gives a child the strength to fight diseases. Auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) Prameela says, “In my career, this is for the first time I have recorded 100 percent immunization coverage in a village. We would not have been able to achieve this without support from the community and the foundation team. I am committed to continue the immunization cycle to maintain the full coverage status of the village.”