A small initiative has made my village free from mosquitoes

For Reena (name changed), a resident of village Marora, district Nuh, seeking knowledge has always been special and more so after she used what she learned for the benefit of her family and community. Reena attended the life skills education center in her village and was exposed to lots of information she hadn’t known about before such as government program benefits, stitching, embroidery, and more. Since sanitation is a key issue in the villages, the training curriculum includes sessions on the role of individuals in keeping their surroundings clean.

As part of the syllabi, girls were taught about mosquito control initiatives. Applying that knowledge, Reena made up her mind to sensitize her family toward the same. Her friends joined her in this endeavor as they together taught villagers about mosquito breeding and biting. The group members first had their own families construct a pit at a point in their homes from where wastewater flowed out. The pit was then connected to a long closed drain to allow the water to flow out to a distant place in the village. This initiative checked mosquito breeding in and around the house to quite an extent. The girls used their own houses as examples and to convince other neighborhood families about the value of constructing pits. Household pits

Ram Chand hailed the initiative taken by the girls and became their ambassador, talking about this initiative within male groups. “After the construction of these pits, mosquitoes were reduced,” he said. Seven to eight pits have been constructed in the village so far. The initiative was even more unique because the girls contributed financially toward pit construction from money earned by stitching uniforms for schoolchildren. Reena says she owes her courage to the knowledge she received at the life skills education center.