Adaptive Technologies – Agriculture

Water, soil, and seeds are the key driving forces for agricultural development. Adaptive technology-agriculture at Sehgal Foundation focuses on demand-side water management in semi-arid regions of Nuh (Mewat), Haryana, and Alwar, Rajasthan. The initiative identifies more efficient technology and practices that save more water in agriculture, including the following interventions:


  • Promotion of the use of a laser land leveler saves water in flood irrigation. With high slopes and uneven agricultural land, farmers often use 25% more water in irrigation. In wheat (which has five irrigation cycles), farmers save two million liters of water in leveled land and increase their crop productivity by 8–10%.
  • Introducing a high-yielding short-duration variety of pulses, such as pigeonpea and chick pea, into the existing cropping system requires less water, improves soil quality, and provides more income.