Together We Can, Transform Lives and Keep Schoolchildren Safe and Healthy in Rural India

With the generous contributions of our supporters, we have already transformed over 60 schools, perpetually creating a better future for more than 18,000 children across rural India. As India prepares to reopen the schools in mid-August,  we need to implement life-saving COVID-19 Safety measures and ensure that rural children are safe and healthy once schools re-open. Your help in reaching as many schools as possible will be highly appreciated.

Schools and playgrounds are breeding grounds for various infections; a fact that becomes particularly important in light of COVID-19. Across rural India, COVID-19 cases are on the rise. A recent UNICEF report projects that the virus may impact some 600 million South Asian children, and could be potentially life-threatening for around 459,000 children over the next six months. With a looming threat of COVID-19 transmission in overpopulated schools, poor rural children across India who attend government schools are among the most vulnerable.

With your help, the Sehgal Foundation can implement COVID- 19 school safety measures to save lives. Every $1,500 raised will enable us to implement a COVID-19 School Safety Package in one existing TRANSFORM LIVES one school at a time school. This pioneering intervention is designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in rural schools and includes:

  • An original no-touch hand washing station
  • 2 oximeters
  • 5 thermometers
  • Distribution of masks developed by local women’s committees
  • Distribution of sanitizers
  • Community engagement with children, teachers and parents on COVID-19 prevention and sanitation practices

We have the power to help our precious young ones across rural India learn and thrive in safe, healthy and empowering schools. Please join us today and donate! #TogetherWeCan

Join together to support children across rural India stay safe and healthy when schools reopen

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TRANSFORM LIVES one school at a time integrates Sehgal Foundation’s key programs on water security, food security, and social justice to create positive change and secure a better future for schoolchildren in rural India. The program ensures that children have clean water, hygienic restrooms, and safe and uplifting facilities and playgrounds at their schools; provides critical training in life-skills awareness and digital literacy; and empowers community members and parents to become informed advocates for their children.

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