What is Transform Lives one school at a time?

Transform Lives one school at a time aims to create positive change and secure a better future for schoolchildren in rural India. The initiative integrates Sehgal Foundation’s key programs on water security, food security, and social justice. First launched in late 2016, the initiative has grown with the generous support received from donors and partners.

The Need

In rural India, most of the 650,000+ government schools are unsafe, dilapidated, unsanitary, and unstimulating learning environments for children. More than 128 million children are going to schools without…

  • Clean drinking water
  • Toilet facilities for girls and boys
  • A safe school building and schoolyard
  • Life skills education or digital literacy training
  • A sanitary food preparation area for midday meals
  • An informed and functioning school management committee


Change starts here!

One school at a time, dilapidated and unsafe rural government schools are transformed into secure, healthy, and stimulating learning environments that include life skills education, digital literacy training, and good governance awareness, which transforms the lives of the schoolchildren, especially girl children who have long been disadvantaged, and gives them tools for a better future.

School buildings are renovated and repaired to include rainwater-harvesting systems, clean drinking water, separate toilets for boys and girls, sanitary kitchen facilities for meal prep, and leveled school grounds with plantation, meeting areas, and play equipment. The Sehgal Foundation team works with the community and school management committees to build their capacities to sustain the assets created under the project.

In the completed schools, school management committees are active and involved, student attendance has increased, girls stay in school longer and wait longer to marry, and students are more motivated and empowered. The knowledge students gain in life skills education, digital literacy, and good governance training has impacted their families as well as their communities.

A brighter and more promising future awaits…

Khushboo Sharma, student, Class 12, Govt. Higher Secondary School, Choola

“The boundary wall of our school was broken. Now with the boundary wall, we are able to concentrate better on our studies. Construction of toilets has been a boon for girls as many of us missed school or dropped out from school.”

Ashok Kumar Gupta, headmaster, Govt. Higher Secondary School, Choola

“Tanks of about 40,000-liter capacity store rainwater that earlier used to drain out. Now every drop of this water is being stored. The repair of the dilapidated verandah has made the schoolyard safe.”

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Like-minded ​​volunteers from the community come together to form a chapter. They all strive to work for the common cause of Transforming Lives one school at a time to help children build better futures for themselves.​​