Rural Governance

Good Rural Governance provides individual citizens and the leaders of village-level institutions with knowledge, skills, and confidence to become informed, active self-advocates for the development of their communities.

Citizen participation leads to better delivery of public services.

Sushasan Abhi (Good Governance Now!) is an initiative designed to enable villagers to understand their rights, learn how to access public services, and participate with government officials in addressing and solving local problems.

Sushasan Abhi works on the following key themes, all of which aim at empowering villagers to be champions of change to drive their own development.

Strengthening Village-Level Institutions is a complementary initiative designed to enhance the responsiveness, accountability, and transparency of the village councils and committees by providing leadership skills, trainings, and interventions for facilitating the effective delivery of key government services.

Good Rural Governance “I work as a sushasan champion in my village. I learned about the misappropriation in school construction funds and decided to complain. The complaint filed with concerned offices in Mewat district, Haryana, yielded no result. Later, I took the complaint to Directorate of Education at the state, which further probed the matter across the entire district and noticed similar inadequacies. The state department issued a charge sheet to the head teachers in 119 schools for non-completion of school buildings against allocated funds and ordered funds recovery. I owe the initiation of this citizen action to the good governance training.”

~Sangeeta, Udaka village, Mewat

Sehgal Foundation is expanding its Good Rural Governance initiative to reach more states.

*Data figures till March 2018.